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Raquel Von Kaminaru is an amateur photographer.
The first camera she held was an old Agfa. Her father would allow her to shoot from time to time, as film was expensive in that time.

The real deal came in February 2008 when she tried a Canon 350D and it was the beginning of everything.

Her favourite subjects to photograph are Architecture, Street and People.
RVK is passionate about Ancient History and Archeology, so anything that has a history behind and is old attracts her. Another favourite subject to photograph is abandoned buildings and everything that has a story behind.
She is also a horror movie fan and a gamer.


Photography is about a passion. I am not a professional nor I intend to be one.
Photography is the escape from the real life and should never lose its fun. When I photograph I fall in love with buildings, history, people and the feeling is something like a zen experience. This is a page about photography, about things I have learned since 2008 and about opinions that are mine and mine alone.

dark“I don’t know the key to success but the key to failure
is trying to please everybody” – Unknown

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